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Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, clients, anyone seeking a guide for success!

Tool Description:  The O! Success Model is a 5-step coaching model which guides clients through the "before and after" stages of action taken by asking 10 simple questions. As a cycle of change, the model is recursive and with any one cycle, the client is one step closer to meeting their goals. It can be used by individuals, managers, project teams and anyone looking to frame their action plans.

As a learning tool based on reflective writing, clients have found the tool useful as it facilitates the thought processes in a systematic and logical manner. The "O" mnemonic also helps in making the model easy to remember. Indeed, success can be O!, so sweet!

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Creator's Background:  Vivien Lee's qualifications include basic degrees in Chemistry and Economics and a Masters degree in Education. She was previously a business lecturer before embarking on managing her own coaching practice, Wits 'n Wisdom People Developers. A certified corporate coach and Coaching Clinic licensed facilitator, she is attracted to the coaching professional as she enjoys relating with people; listening to their stories, helping them to know themselves and encouraging them to grow the life they desire. She is also a keen educational researcher and is currently completing her doctorate by researching into coaching for educational management and leadership. She has published in the areas of critical thinking, self-organised learning and knowledge management. Her personal mission statement is "To discover and live every possibility, creating and being a spirited life which inspires and delights".


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