Actions and Behaviors Map

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches and Consultants 

Tool Description:  his one-page grid is designed to help your clients see how their actions and behaviors are co ming together to generate new habits as they focus on their goals. It catagorizes behaviors and actions to show where change is taking place and provoke thought where you might want to fill in some gaps. This view may help your clients determine how their activities are balancing out and help you acknowledge changes they are making over time. 

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Creator's Background:  Gay-Lynn Carpenter, ACC, is a leadership coach and principle of Next Wave Coaching. Gay-Lynn works with professionals, especially emerging leaders and creative types, to help them align what they do with what they want. Gay-Lynn is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and on the Board of the Richmond Area Coaches Association. She is a graduate of the Results Systems Intensive Coaching Training Program, which uses a neuro-scientific approach that capitalizes on the brain's ability to act on new thinking and insights. She has a Master of Science in Communication Management from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology and English from James Madison University. 


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