Mastering Your Coaching Niche

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Finally! Here’s The Real, In-The-Trenches Information That Shows You Exactly How To Create a Powerful Niche that is authentic to you.

The biggest pains and setbacks coaches experience in their businesses has to do with their marketing; just figuring out how to get the right product or service to the right customer in the right way.

The Mastering Your Niche series is a 4 part digital workshop that will show you step by step how to find and sell to your authentic niche.

Each interactive session features a practical and to the point audio instruction where you are guided through the steps of creating your niche.

Plus, you get a workbook that walks you through each audio and includes exercises to enable you to bring out the true niche waiting to burst forth in your business.

With the Mastering Your Niche digital workshop you can:    

* Know exactly what to do in order to make the money you need and want.

* Find your clients easily

* Know exactly what products and services will make you money and which won't.

* Make marketing easy and enjoy it

“I've been bouncing around all year trying to get my practice off the ground. I started exploring some niches, but couldn't really figure out that piece…..   I'm at the point where I want to get paying clients and get some traction.

I have been listening to your 4 part series and it has really given me someplace to start
the next phase of my practice. You really gave an excellent seminar, and I'm taking the
necessary time and steps to find a niche that makes sense. “

Iris J. Price - Life Coach
Your Priceless Life

“I have been listening to your niche series. It is brilliant. You have said exactly what I need to hear about my niche;.. and that is indeed clarifying and why I used the word Brilliant.”

Diane DePould

Session 1: Insider’s secrets to laying the right niche foundation and getting unstuck

Session 2: Finding the head & heart balance in your authentic niche

Session3: Practical steps to finding a great niche

Session 4: Finding the right brand for your new niche

This program is guaranteed to be so chocked full of insightful and actionable information, that you can increase your income and clients in 60 days or less. You will want to listen to these amazing secrets over and over again.

I truly want you to master the resources this series will be hand delivering to you. There is no need for you to be confused about finding your niche and marketing your business. It doesn't matter what the economy might be doing you can succeed!

Get the system that can put joy and money into your business!

The Mastering Your Niche system could easily sell for $399 or more. But that would mean a lot of people who need it couldn't afford it. To make it very affordable I have priced it at $197. But, for all coach market coaches I am going to give it away for $157.

The bottom line is this.....

You are tired of struggling and you are ready to invest in taking your business to the next level.
You want to be able to successfully market your products and services and enjoy it.
You don't have the money and time to wait for some long process to take effect.
You can MASTER YOUR NICHE and accelerate your business!
And you can do it today!

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Format:  4 MP3 Audio files with accompanying workbooks via PDF

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Creator's Background

My name is Craig Miller and I am known as the Cake Coach. I specialize in helping professional coaches transform their businesses so they can have their cake and eat it too. I partner with them by giving them the tools and process to know their authentic niche and brand and how to communicate to the people who are looking for them.

I have over 17 years experience helping leaders and forward thinking helpers do what they do better. My desire is to give you the tools to be set free from the barriers that have kept you from living a successful life. I do not make decisions for you or do the work for you, but will work to help you be able to build your own life with successful patterns.

I have my Masters in Counseling, Masters of Divinity, and have been professionally trained in coaching through the Coach Training alliance. Over the past 15 years I have equipped people as a licensed Counselor, Ordained minister, speaker, and as a coach.


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