Mid-Year Review

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches that want to support their clients through the use of exercises and line managers that want to undertake half-yearly reviews of their staff in a constructive manner that encourages self-awareness.

Tool Description:  This tool is a four-step process that can be undertaken at any time. The process takes your client/staff through a review of their successes and progression. It also offers a goal setting structure and an action plan template that encourages your client/staff to consider the actions they will take in seven days, in one month and beyond. It embraces the idea of the client/staff recognizing that they cannot always do everything by themselves and other people or resources are required to support them in achieving their goals. The four-step process covers:

Step 1 Success Log

Step 2 Progress Review & Planning

Step 3 Goal Setting

Step 4 Action Planning

This tool is professionally presented and seeks to address the issues that some clients/staff have in identifying their strengths and achievements. Through the use of incisive questions it is also possible for users to identify areas that require special attention.

The benefits of this tool are:

  • It saves you valuable time and energy preparing exercises for your clients/staff.
  • It is easy to understand and use so isn't difficult to "sell" the concept to clients/staff.
  • The exercises are flexible so you can use them stand alone or as part of a coaching session.
  • It provides framework that assists in clarifying and then progressing towards goals set so you achieve results faster than you would without it.
  • It provides a record for both client/staff and coach to track successes.
  • It has been tried and tested with positive results.

Format:  PDF file (139KB)

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Creator's Background:  Michaela Partridge and Jo Orgill are professional lifestyle and career coaches with a wealth of experience in the corporate sector and small businesses in the UK and Spain. They are the creators of the online coaching club "My Best Year Ever" that provides a support system for women who want to have their best year ever. Michaela and Jo have created, through their rapid results online coaching club, a niche market for busy women, where one-to-one coaching is not always an option. www.MyBestYearEver.com



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