Mind Your Manners: Etiquette for Business

Tool Should Be Used By:  Everyone who wants to excel at professional social events 

Tool Description:  Do you ever feel awkward in social situations? Get confused by dress codes and elaborate table settings at important functions? Wonder when it's appropriate to stand for an introduction? What to do when you just forgot that person's name?

To stop feeling nervous and out of your depth at any size social or business gathering, you need the advice and strategies in this ebook. Mind YourManners: Etiquette for Business contains everything you need to know to ace the social niceties with aplomb. Within its pages you get:

-An understanding of the 4 Important Key Concepts underlying Etiquette

-Learn what to wear when from dressy-casual to formal wear

-How to make introductions smoothly and eliminate awkward moments

-Learn the new etiquette surrounding personal workspace

-Important communication etiquette rules for in person and telephone conversations

-The definitive word on email etiquette

-Everything you need to know about dining from casual to fancy including diagrams

-A primer on intercultural etiquette

-Additional resources for further study

The Mind Your Manners: Etiquette for Business ebook is perfect for anyone who wants to up their own or someone else's social graces.

Buy the Mind Your Manners: Etiquette for Business ebook for yourself, a friend, a new grad or first time job seeker, students, colleagues, your employees and new hires or new managers, or anyone who could use the confidence of knowing what to do and say in any situation (and who among us couldn't?).

Format:  E-book

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Creator's Background:  Ruth Hegarty is a certified Law of Attraction Coach who helps shy and socialy anxious people live outrageously high quality lives. 


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