The Reimagination Book

Tool Should Be Used By:  The person who feels lost in life and is tired of wandering and wondering. 

Tool Description:  The Reimagination Book helps you get a clear v ision for how to be fully and authentically YOU! It is designed to enable you to awaken the courage that is already in you so you can step beyond your limiting beliefs and concern for "what other people think" to choose your own path of authenticity, to choose to live and love your life design.

Each guide includes the beautiful guide as a PDF plus instant access to an audio where Craig coaches you through the guide. The guides take you through a process that enables you to begin to experience the truth of your life's vision. This process includes the right excercises and questions to help you hear your own heart and dreams. If you are not sure where to begin or you know you need to find vision for your life or business, then this guide is an excellent place to begin.

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Format:  PDF file, 17 pages (2.73 Mbytes)

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Creator's Background:  Craig Miller is a professional Life Design Coach. Craig specializes in helping people transform their life and/or business, and live the life they were designed to live. He has his Masters in Counseling, Masters of Devinity, and has been professionally trained in coaching through the Coach Training Alliance. Over the past 15 years Craig has equipped people as a licensed Counselor, Ordained minister, speaker, and as a coach. 


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