Writing a Coaching Proposal

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches/Consultants 

Tool Des cription:  Dear New or Expansion Seeking Coach,

* Do you wish you could land a wonderful corporate coaching opportunity?

* Do you cringe at the thought of having to put together a professional looking proposal?

* Do you wonder if you have all the information you need to create a dynamic and rewarding document?

* Are you stuck about where to start?

* Have you looked everywhere for something to help you through the process?

* Do you wonder how a corporate assignment should be structured?

* Do you wonder how to approach the confidentiality aspects of coaching?

* Do you wonder what to focus on or what to stay clear of?

Well, if you did, I know exactly how you feel. Why?

Because a few years ago I lived every one of these myself!! It did not matter that I was comfortable writing, it did not matter that I had over 20 years of corporate experience, it did not matter that I was confident in my coaching skills and experience. I was gridlocked.

So, maybe like you have, I became a Google expert but not even my most sophisticated searches yielded the results that I was looking for. I desperately wanted to find and article, an e-book, a website, a 'someone' who had written a proposal and could walk me through creating one for myself. Well, you know what they say, 'Necessity is the mother of invention' and so Invent I did!!

After many, many hours, after lots of feedback from other coaches and consultants, after scrutinizing my document to death, I had it!!! A beautiful, professional, polished document that I could be proud of and one that got me corporate assignments.

Now, you too can experience the feeling of creating a fabulous document to send to your corporate clients without going through all of the stress and tribulation that I had to go through. You can do so by purchasing this eHand-book that I have put together for people that are exactly where I was a while back.

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Creator's BackgroundElena Zanfei is a cultivating coach who assists individuals in bringing out the best of themselves to the benefit of all their relationships. She specializes in working with successful people, professionals, managers, directors, entrepreneurs and anyone who directly or indirectly impacts the lives of others. Elena is a former IT manager with 20 years of corporate experience. Elena has worked directly with executive staff to bridge the relational gap between management and staff by removing role based biases thereby allowing for a personal connection at all levels.


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